There is a whole host of people to thank for keeping Wide Screen alive through a difficult time since our last issue in 2019, and making this issue possible. Unfortunately, I can’t publicly acknowledge their work individually, to maintain the sanctity of our blind peer review process. Peer-reviewers are the backbone of scholarly publication, and it remains, for the most part, a thankless job. Many thanks to all the reviewers for this issue who took time out of their teaching-research-service schedules to give their generous feedback.
I am also grateful to Michigan State University for supporting the journal with research assistants who have been invaluable to this issue. In particular, I would like to thank Michael Stokes who took on the transition of the journal from the Open Journal System to WordPress. Michael spent hours downloading and transferring material. Needless to say, he also embraced the daunting task of editing a dossier, and is entirely responsible for the fantastic collection of work that you can find in this issue. Another person who has been critical to the release of this issue is Stephany Bravo who worked on every aspect of the journal and website, from discussing contents of articles, to formatting and web design. This issue would truly have been impossible without her work.

– Kuhu Tanvir

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